• School Shop Online is a FREE solution for schools to give parents the option of ordering meals online from the school canteen.
  • Now in Public, Private and Boarding schools around Australia and being used at Primary and Secondary levels the solution is making a real difference in the healthy choices made by parents. Read more about this in our quick facts section.
  • Schools stay in control with the solution sitting inside the school’s web site and branded only as the school’s initiative which enhances the relationship between parents and schools.
  • School Shop Online simply converts the existing canteen menu and prices into an interactive document accessible by parents via the internet – it’s a modern alternative to the brown paper bag with loose change.
  • Canteen coordinators have been the driving force in adoption across all schools. No extra computers, printers or cash registers are required and using the system is so simple a coordinator needs only spend about 4 minutes a day on the system which can be accessed from any computer terminal at the school or home.
  • The education and reporting aspects of the solution are unique and they really work hence the system is protected by patent. Schools, Coordinators and Parents receive ongoing performance charts and comparisons weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • There are no up-front fees for the school and no ongoing monthly rental contracts. Implementation is a FREE staged process controlled by the school where a sample site is set up and operated in unison with the existing paper bag or cash based ordering process until all stakeholders are happy to go live.
  • Having less cash circulating among students is a strategy to reduce bullying.

If you haven’t already please watch our video for further explanation and have a flick through the benefit pages on the rest of this site where you will find this a very clever solution in the fight against childhood obesity.

Nutritiona Australia to the rescue

Nutrition Australia to the rescue

Applying the Smart Choice rating system correctly can prove difficult and time consuming to some busy tuckshop coordinators but help is at hand and again it’s a service. When a school takes up the School Shop Online solution and is a member of NAQs Nutrition in Schools Advisory Service (NISAS) the menu can be rated. If a school is not a member of NISAS, the School Shop Online team will pay the membership fee so the menu can be fully rated.

This Nutrition Australia service in conjunction with School Shop Online is currently only available in Qld however School Shop Online is available, and has customers  Australia Wide

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